Kurozane Go Fuen No Oka – MEIYOSHO WINNER

Our Korozane Go Fuen No Oka won the most prestigious Meiyosho title at the Honbuten exhibition in Tokyo, our greatest breeding dream has come true.

After Kurozane’s huge success and winning the Eiyoshou title at the Hozonkai exhibition in Givoletto in Italy in April this year, we decided to try our hand at the land of the cherry blossom.

This year is the year of Hachiko, the most famous Akita dog, which has been a symbol of canine fidelity and loyalty for many years. This year we celebrate the hundredth anniversary of his birth.

Akitas from all over the world came to the honbuten show, of course the largest group were Japanese breeders. A total of 211 Akitas were registered. One of the most important guests was the Prime Minister of Japan Fumio Kishida.

Kurozane competed in the most prestigious Seiken A class, was in good shape, looked good in the ring and ultimately took first place on the podium. Then, after a long break and consultations conducted by 8 judges, he was honored with the title of MEIYOSHO. thus, Kurozane became the first non-Japanese male to win this title, additionally doing so in the year of Hachiko. It is impossible to achieve more in the Akita breed.

Thank you Kurozane for more moments of happiness that you have given us for over five years. We would also like to thank Zuzanna Chade, who agreed to show our dog and helped us organize the trip.



Monika i Rafał