The trip to this year’s HOZONKAI EUROPE, traditionally held once a year in the Italian Givoletto, ended with an incredible success. Kurozane Go Fuen No Oka, starting in the most prestigious SEIKEN A class, first won TOKUYUU once again, and then entered the group of breed celebrities winning EIYOSHOU. It’s hard to describe our joy and pride of Kurozane’s breeder – Zuzanna Chade.

This year was special because of the 100th birthday of Hachiko, the dog of legend, the most recognizable Akita in history. The exhibition was honored by the presence of the President of AKIHO Endou Takashi, visible in the photo below with Zuzanna Chade and our Kurozane.

Such days are not forgotten for the rest of your life, thank you Zuzanna for all your help and of course for this wonderful treasure – Kurozane.